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Garbage & Recycling Center - King Recycling

King Recycling services the Greater Toronto area and surrounding areas. Our Toronto, and the surrounding GTA area receives your rented container full of mixed waste or clean fill and begins the separation process, where you can also bring.

Clean Fill

Clean fill is considered to be soil, brick, or concrete. We separate these types into different bins to be transported to the appropriate location. Brick can be ground down to make new bricks, as can concrete, and soil can be used as filler or for any other number of things. Asphalt must be kept separate from both clean fill and mixed waste, but we take care of that as well−it can be recycled and made into new asphalt.

Mixed Waste

The mixed waste, which is essentially everything else not listed under clean fill, must be uncontaminated by organic waste such as food or biological waste. Metal is sorted out to be scrapped, cardboard and glass are sorted to be recycled, as are plastics and any other recyclables, and any non-recyclables are taken to the appropriate garbage facility in Toronto.

Our clean facility is equipped to process massive loads of material safely, quickly, and efficiently. Our workers are highly trained and qualified, and everyone is friendly and professional. We are always looking for ways to improve our service, including staying updated on the latest recycling methods that are offered in Toronto, and the surrounding GTA.

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